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Veggie Vibes Enchilada

Veggie Vibes Enchilada

At the recent wedding of the dynamic San Diego couple Jason and Pia Rotman, ambassadors of the raw foods diet who I blogged on previously, I had the pleasure of trying yummy innovative food by Veggie Vibes. Five years ago Perkunas Cornejo started the business which has been in San Diego for the last few years, run with the help of the lovely Erika.

Cornejo stopped labeling his diet awhile ago (using terms such as vegetarian, vegan, raw, etc.,) and now calls himself a “funfoodist” – eating and preparing food for the enjoyment of it.

Originally from Peru, Cornejo has a love of food that goes way back. When he was 7, he was making tamales (with peppers, corn and raisins) and juanes (of yuca and rice), and selling them to friends and family.

“I was very young when I was using many kinds of superfoods in all my concoctions,” he said.

Today, he is running a full business which offers weekly delivery menus of raw vegan gourmet food, sometimes branching out to include cooked food, seafood or organic eggs.  Classes and catering are on the menu as well. Besides weddings, they have done events like private dinner parties and birthdays, and corporate gatherings. Using only fresh organic produce from local farmer’s markets, Veggie Vibes creates food inspired by Mexican, Thai, and other international cuisines, free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and refined sugars.

Cornejo said people who are ready to be unconventional or who have a good sense of humor voraciously eat their food. Customers have said Veggie Vibes offers some of the best meals from the raw foods diet they have ever tasted, and the dehydrated items were good, which can sometimes be hard to find. People are also impressed with Veggie Vibes’ presentation, variety and prices.

Veggie Vibes plans to expand and go with the flow to see where the business takes them.

“We just want to enjoy this ride,” said Erika.