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Reprinted from Vegan Mainstream – written by guest blogger

Finding a vegetarian/vegan soul mate may have been daunting in the past, but the internet has made the world a smaller and friendlier place.

Why online dating?

You may spend years hoping to find that special person, but with online dating you could be presented with hundreds, if not thousands, of compatible matches in one afternoon. Indeed, on a site like you can even search outside your locale. Ever wanted to move to another city or country? Maybe you’ll find someone special there. Those are some reasons why on-line networking has exploded.

Are there any downsides to on-line dating?

Sure. Some dating sites aren’t able to dedicate the necessary resources to filter out scam artists, so that low-cost or free dating site may end up costing you plenty in wasted time, a broken heart, and even financial trickery. Look for a site that personally screens every profile and uses a sophisticated fraud detection service to keep the site free of fake scam accounts (like!)

What are the best tips for success?

1) Post one or more nice photos of yourself; too many people don’t!

2) Don’t stop at one or two, but contact lots of members both near and far, and

3) Have patience! Your Romeo or Juliet may not appear in the first month or two. Give your heart and future some time to meet that special someone., now the largest vegetarian/vegan dating site in the world, was founded by Ken Greer, a vegetarian of 30 years and vegan for the last five. Ken lives in the San Francisco Bay area and has been a promoter of vegetarianism most of his adult life. A frequent participant in vegetarian causes, Ken was also a founding member of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of EarthSave and has been a regular with local vegetarian groups.

Ken thought it would be of great benefit to other vegetarians if he brought his web development skills to the veggie world. is a place for vegetarians to find new friends, and yes, to fall in love! The site has been instrumental in bringing together tens of thousands of fellow vegetarians and vegans. is honored to be awarded the “Top Site to Find a Veggie Mate” award by VegNews magazine.