Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Life has significantly improved for vegetarian travelers. Not only are businesses centered on this newfound niche, but an abundance of online resources has burst onto the scene.

Carolyn Scott of Healthy Voyager

Carolyn Scott of Healthy Voyager

For instance, to plan an environmentally- or veggie-friendly vacation, you’ll find relief by contacting Donna Zeigfinger of Green Earth Travel. For years she has been organizing volunteer tours to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, a gorgeous area near the Grand Canyon. Zeigfinger also caters to those wanting more exotic locations with tours to Kenya, India and beyond, and provides listings of veggie-friendly bed and breakfasts and spas that I have been drooling over for eons.

Another surefire source for veggies on the move is Healthy Voyager. Carolyn Scott films veggie-friendly restaurants and conferences as she travels; on her website you’ll find videos on Denver, Kansas City, and other spots. She posts recipes, hosts radio shows, and is creating a gluten-free breakfast bar. We can only wonder what else is up the sleeve of this very inspirational woman! Scott is super friendly, so is sure to be a good resource for anyone with questions.

Any vegetarians with a travel bug–whether wanting a road trip or a flight to a locale completely different from home–will appreciate the years of veggie-friendly listings compiled online at and VegDining includes travel articles; please check out my articles on Kauai, Costa Rica/Nicaragua, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The site also has articles reviewing (and sharing recipes from) individual restaurants, and a section on nutritional information provided by Vesanto Melina, MS, Registered Dietitian. HappyCow’s listings include vegetarian-friendly bed and breakfasts, resorts and retreat centers, international vegetarian events, and more. These are only a taste of the wonderful things making our journeys easier, so stay tuned for postings about veggie travel books and more.