Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
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Jerome Gross Teaching Yoga

Jerome Gross Teaching Yoga

Jerome Gross, who was raised in San Diego, has been sharing his gifts as a healer, yoga teacher and fitness expert with his Southern California community since 1995.

As the adage goes, “healer, heal thyself.” Gross strongly models keeping in shape physically and emotionally. Six days a week, he does 1.5 hours of core fitness training, lifting weights, and running. In addition, he tackles an impressive 1.5 hours a day of inner work — yoga, meditation, and breathing.

His “energy medicine light body work” through his business Effulgence mixes six healing styles studied from around the world. The root cause of most suffering, he feels, is someone’s relationship to themselves and the world around them on a spiritual/emotional/mental level.

Mindful eating is a part of the overall health equation. Raised in an atmosphere with Hindu healers who taught that if someone did not eat meat, they could more easily control the animalistic tendencies of the mind, Gross was inspired to become mostly vegan 20 years ago. Later, he felt compassion for the way animals were treated and saw how much better the vegetarian diet was for the planet. Witnessing his mom’s dramatic results in healing from rheumatoid arthritis once changing her diet to vegan solidified the health reasons to be veggie.

To stay healthy, Gross eats granola with protein powder and flax seed oil, green powders, goji berries, acai and other foods high in antioxidants and minerals. Heartier meals are usually beans with brown rice, broccoli, carrots and green vegetables.

Besides teaching yoga and doing fitness and energy work sessions (also on the phone), Gross holds a summer Yoga, Fitness and Culture Camp for 5-12 year olds. The children tour an organic vegetable garden at World Beat Center, and leave lighter ecological footprints with an onsite solar oven.

Contact Gross at 619-884-2662 or for more information or if interested in fitness and healing sessions in exchange for website design. Try a free first yoga class Tuesdays and Thursday nights at 6 pm at Kensington Community Church, where you can ask for a demonstration of his energy work.