Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

jeremyotherWhat do vegans eat? That is a common question we vegheads receive. What some folks don’t know is that for many people, the diet consists of a plethora of vegan dishes from all over the world.

Check out websites like International Vegetarian Union, which lists over 3,000 recipes from around the world. Some authors specialize in foods from all different countries, like Robin Robertson – see Global Vegan Kitchen and her bestselling cookbooks like Vegan Planet, Vegan Fire and Spice, and others. Robertson also has a column called “Global Vegan” in VegNews.

So, where to start if you feel like trying something different or are new to vegan cuisine? Ethiopian food entails wonderful pancake-like bread called injera which is used to scoop up beans, greens, salad and other sometimes spicy dishes. Mediterranean restaurants offer falafel (fried chickpeas), hummus, tabouli and more.

Indian food is an easy choice for veggies, with restaurants offering famously flavorful dishes like curries and dal (simmered spiced lentils, beans or peas). Trader Joe’s even has instant packaged foods for those on the run, like spicy eggplant. See this list of vegan goods they carry, many of which are international.

Thai food works for noodles, soups, veggie curries and the like — make sure to ask for no fish sauce. Fully-veg Asian restaurants abound in major cities. Araya’s Place has wonderful veggie food in Seattle, as does Loving Hut in San Diego and San Francisco, and Sipz in San Diego.

Mexican cuisine includes vegan dishes like burritos, tacos, tamales and such. Many places do no lard and no chicken stock. As long as the amazing avocado is involved, some of us are happy. The  list of ethnic foods goes beyond what I have mentioned, so travel the globe — or try something new in your own backyard.

Photo by Jeremy Pearl.