Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Photo Credit - Buddhachannel

As this 100th posting comes to life, I reflect on having produced this vegan blog for over a year now. A writer and veggie of many years, I created this website out of passion and with much patience from a consultant, Stephanie Redcross of Vegan Mainstream.

I came into the world with a compassion for animals that at age four prodded me into becoming a vegetarian, a life calling that begs to be shared with others. It feels like a responsibility to continue inspiring people toward the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and to keep the already converted motivated. At an event the other day someone addressed me as “Turn the Paige,” so hopefully my efforts and those of numerous other herbivorous ambassadors are turning people in a healthier direction.

Through blogging, I have attended many more veggie events and meetups than usual, and have come home excitedly like a kid on Christmas to packages filled with Earth Cafe raw cheesecakes or goji berries that companies have mailed me to review. I’ve met many amazing people in Southern California and stretching into some other areas of the world. Connecting with others who share an interest in vegetarian cuisine is easy — we are like a tribe of like-minded folks–whether an employee at a Hare Krishna restaurant in Uganda or a vegan baker in San Diego.

As I move forward with these writing endeavors, I am seeking your feedback. Are there articles you would love to see? Veggie websites and blogs are bountiful, so what other websites should I link to in the “Resources” section? No promises that I will add a certain topic or link, but I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for your input, and may the vegetable and fruit gods be with you.

Photo credit- Buddhachannel