Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

With the busy lives we lead today, and that hectic buzz in the air that some feel as the holidays approach, nothing calms and nurtures us like a healthy meal. That being said, it is nice to come home from work and have in mind something fairly easy to prepare. Hopefully dinner will also warm us up from the chilly night, and be tasty and healthy.

Those of us who have been veggie for a long time may become bored with too much of the same thing (however, I personally never tire of guacamole). We certainly appreciate a unique-sounding dish. I am excited to try Singapore-Style Rice Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables, a vegan version of Singapore mei fun. This was the winner of the “quick recipe of the year,” along with three other recipes in’s Vegan Recipe of the Year Feature. It is unbelievable that Robin Robertson, the creator of the Singapore meal, has written 19 cookbooks and blogs regularly as well! She blows some of us weekly bloggers out of the water.

If you use your noodle and take advantage of all the resources available on the Internet, not to mention the enormous selection of cookbooks, you shall be among those healthy, well-fed folks in the world.

Photo Credit- Robin Robertson/