Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Sorry for the longer pause between articles – the website has been having technical difficulties.

Back to the fun stuff:  on a recent trip to L.A, I shared dinner with family at Cafe Gratitude, a place featuring both raw and cooked meals, in oh-so-trendy Venice Beach. While ordering dishes with names like “I am awesome” and “I am transformed” inspired giggles in my two teenage nieces as well as the adults, the food was good and healthy. I liked my eggplant parmesan meal and the accompanying salad. And who wouldn’t love a dessert that includes the sexy superfood maca and is called the “I am super dark chocolate nugget?” We also gave a try to the “I am kind” quinoa crispy treats and a few other tasty desserts.

Then I was off to gorgeous Santa Barbara. Yes, the coast is something to absolutely see, but don’t miss the only all-veggie restaurant in town called Adama. They are entirely gluten-free and vegan, have a great bakery (see photo), and boast a very cool mosaic tile counter hanging out in the background. I ordered one gingerbread man and a delicious Daiya Cheese quesadilla (with beans, tomato, avocado) to go, and I was quite satisfied.  Then it was off to see the nation’s largest fig tree at the train station.

Every journey is worth the efforts, and websites like and make a huge difference for those seeking herbivorous hangouts.