Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
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Kristin Delighted by Desserts

Kristin Lajeunesse is an adventurous young woman with an upcoming journey that sounds as lovely as her last name. Starting Aug. 27, her five-year anniversary of being vegan, this food lover will drive across the U.S. from Boston on a one year trip, feasting at all the 100% vegan restaurants she can find. In major cities, Kristin will also review restaurants with at least 80% vegan meals. She is dubbing her ventures “Will Travel for Vegan Food.”

I can relate to her desires, as traveling and reviewing veggie-friendly restaurants is how I got started with food writing years ago. A social media expert, Kristin will have no problem tapping into the sea of information on the Internet, using sites like and to seek restaurants.

Crossing a few items off the bucket list is something to be admired. Following adventurous dreams may come with challenges, but that is part of the journey and Kristin is resourcefully figuring out ways to reach goals. Her freelance work will continue while on the road, but because her car was stolen and to keep expenses down, Kristin would be excited to receive a sponsorship and assistance with a vehicle. She is also open to couchsurfing.

People keeping asking Kristin if she is nervous (about being alone, money, safety, etc).

“And without hesitation I find myself saying: ‘absolutely not. But I am super excited.’ I’ve spent many months planning this trip and whether I succeed or fail I take great pride in knowing that I’ve already taken the first step toward a life-changing experience . . . and for that, I’m grateful,” she said.

Live vicariously by following the exciting journey on Facebook, and check out another article on Kristin by We can all learn something new from this trailblazer.