Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

choc 002Literally the day my holistic health doctor told me to cut out chocolate and sugar for two weeks to kill the lingering cough so many people have this year, I came home to find packages from two local and fair trade chocolate companies. The torture. Yet it was a joy winning a Valentine’s “Share Your Passion” contest by Fair Trade San Diego, the connection to said chocolate!

Honestly, due to a shipping mistake days earlier, I had already received one box of Angell Organic Candy Bars and devoured a few of the dark angell bars. I shared the two non-vegan varieties, the snow angell and angell crisp, with friends, who said they were good and tasted healthy, like a nutrition bar. The three bars are non-GMO, with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and the angell crisp is gluten-free. This compassionate company does not support child labor or slavery.

choc 005I admit even with the doctor’s warning I could not resist sneaking a few of the Marcie Sweets Peruvian Dark chocolates, which are rich and amazing. Marcie Sweets does catering which could include an organic chocolate fondue station! The chocolate production entails farmers using organic practices and receiving a decent living wage, and the gluten-free and soy-free chocolate is packaged in reusable pouches.

These companies are walking their eco-friendly talk – their websites are powered using  renewable energy, and some of the packaging is made of recyclable materials. It’s wonderful to indulge in treats and feel good about their effect on your health and the planet.