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tarabThis article features Tara Brennan, a San Diego teacher and healer extraordinaire.  I have had the pleasure of receiving spiritual coaching, meditation instruction, energy work sessions, as well as amazing massages from her, all with wonderful and obvious results.  Enjoy learning about Tara’s passions.

 Please describe your spiritual coaching.  What does it entail?

Well, it evolved.  I do intuitive readings for clients and teach one-on-one classes.  The two came together in individual sessions in which I would do an intuitive reading looking at a person’s energy in present time.  I can see all the dynamics going on with them at that moment in regard to relationships, work, family, spiritual growth, creativity, vitality, etc.  I then begin teaching the client some energy mastery tools to shift the dynamics in their life to be more in line with their goals and desires, all in one session.  So my spiritual coaching is a highly tailored, one-on-one instruction in energy mastery guided by intuitive reading.

What results can someone expect out of a session or class?

They may develop a sense of themselves as more empowered and in charge of their life.  Often a client comes to me feeling aspects of their life are out of control, or feeling drained or depleted by life.  They may know something is missing and want to get more aligned with their spiritual path.  They may be seeking a breakthrough.  Perhaps they want to return to good feelings about themselves and life, more joy and freedom, or are looking for increased fulfillment in their work.

Recent testimonial from spiritual coaching client: “I’m becoming a different person.  It’s not that you helped me fix things; you helped me become a different person I didn’t know existed.  I’m more in control, I’m more at peace.”

What are the benefits of your work?

There are many benefits, including better family relationships, increased energy, and feeling more grounded and self-confident.  Students share that they are able to meditate more easily and even enjoy it now.  I’ve also seen clients/students manifest desires quicker: they’ve moved into beautiful homes, changed to better jobs, found their soulmates, and discovered new paths.  They’ve been able to get out of relationships they felt stuck in, too.  People also have reported improved sleep; that’s a big one.  One student shares her one-year journey through Energy Mastery 1, 2 & 3 (the classes I teach) and how she was able to get off antidepressant medication.  Another student shares how she was able to relieve nausea from chemotherapy treatments using Energy Mastery Tools, especially the tool of Grounding.  She believes that every cancer patient should learn Energy Mastery!  Another student/client will share his speedier recovery with a lung infection and his ability to get off oxygen much sooner than doctors projected.  He received two treatments of Reiki Energy Healing sessions with me every week for a few months, which he attributes to his medical success.  These stories will be on my blog.

What inspired you to start doing this type of work?

I was my first project — I say that with a sense of humor.  I really woke up one day at 19 years old realizing I needed to heal myself.  My “pain body” was huge (“pain body” is an Eckhart Tolle term which so accurately describes that heavy, pained side of ourselves.)  I had been a natural empath growing up and took on the role of caretaker at home as a child and teenager.  I wound up sponging up everyone else’s pain and suppressing my own emotions and pain.  That’s how my pain body got out of control by 19 years old.  So I set about healing myself.  I did well in that first semester at an Ivy League School and chose to leave, to the dismay of my folks.  I just knew I had to do this and I started my self-healing journey.  The rest of my story is on my website.

What are the services you offer?

My business is broken up into three categories, each with a different brand.  At Energy Mastery Academy we teach classes on personal development through energy awareness and practices.  Students learn how to master energy tools and spiritual mechanics for greater improvement in all areas of life.  We have in-person classes and healings, intuitive reading clinics, workshops and programs, tele-classes, and phone meditations. 

Energy Mastery Touch is the aspect of the school in which we offer services to do with the body and healing.  Trainings cover healing modalities like Reiki and Hands-On-Healing and Yoga and we also do Intuitive Clairvoyant Readings.

Pamper Me Bodywork consists of various massage or energy healing sessions, and spa treatments in a spa setting.  I’m very excited about Pamper Me Bodywork as it’s the first time I’ve had my own business in the spa industry, although I’ve been a massage therapist for 17 years and an energy healer for the past 15 years.  I’ve worked in wonderful world-renowned spas and now it’s time to be on my own.

What can we expect of you in the future?

I just taught my first Parent-Child Expressive Arts workshop at Energy Mastery Academy last month.  We visited a museum to be inspired by the masters and then students went into the classroom and created their own works of art, as did the adults.  I loved it and I’m looking forward to offering more parent/child workshops as well as art classes for adults and children separately.

Another wonderful project:  I’m creating online classes now.  It’s a learning curve and I’m excited to start rolling that out soon.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Exactly 6 years ago I sat where my new students now sit.  I’ve been a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher for the last 2 ½ years.  So in 3 ½ years I began this new venture as a professional, opening up my own school.  Students can bring their intuitive skills and spiritual leadership to a greater level of mastery in a relatively short period of time with dedication, desire, and tenacity.  There is so much support available to discover and release their unique strength and voice from within.  All the services offered through my businesses hopefully help that unfolding.  The world needs each and every one of us to step into our strength.  It is my mission to help with the day to day process of bringing that light and wisdom out from within through spiritual practices and energy tools.  I’ve been in a Spiritual Leadership Program since May 2010 which has helped me tremendously.  I have had amazing teachers all along the way.  I’m always a student too, just a few steps ahead of my students on this wonderful path. 

For more information or to book a session, visit here or email Her phone is 858-519-8272.