Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Photo:  Nejron Photo, Shutterstock

It is worthwhile to take advantage of any techniques that help us slow down and savor the moments in our fast-paced lives. Whether we twist ourselves into unimaginable yoga poses, walk along a beach, or sit still for a few moments of peace, self-care is always beneficial. For thousands of years across the world, sipping on a cup of tea has been one way that people have relaxed. Teas also offer many herbal properties that I love to put to use. Mint and ginger soothe stomachaches, lavender and chamomile calm our nerves, and African rooibos (a red bush) gives a little buzz without the side effects of caffeine. Modern life even has instant water heating devices that make boiling water incredibly easy and fast.

Also, tea can have sentimental meaning for some people. Over the years, my sister Blair and I have added a personal touch to our letters by inserting tea bags into the envelopes sent across the country. When my other younger sister Tara moved to London she sweetly gifted me with a wooden box, and I immediately filled the little sections with various flavored tea bags. Now, something as simple as drinking a cup of the hot beverage feels like a special ritual.  Tea, anyone?