Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
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veggie-rows-marsha-tudorArticle by Janice Stanger, Ph.D., author of The Perfect Formula Diet

Being vegan is becoming more mainstream, even fashionable and hip. Yet old stereotypes linger. Say “vegan,” and some will think of self-sacrificing people who live on rabbit food – lettuce and carrots. Such images may keep patients with chronic illness, whose health could greatly improve with a plant-based diet, from even trying it out.

A January 2011 survey of 2,068 vegans from the United States and around the world shatters six myths about plant-based eating.

  • Instead of being weak and unhealthy because of an inadequate diet, respondents overwhelmingly report their health and energy level improve after they go animal-free.
  • Rather than being bloated by “carbs,” respondents either lost weight or stayed at their initial ideal weight after adopting a vegan diet. Only 5% gained pounds.
  • Disproving the theory that a vegan diet is boring, 97% of respondents enjoy their food and 94% intend to stay plant-based the rest of their lives.
  • Instead of being about deprivation and lower quality of life, a vegan diet enhances many areas of satisfaction, including enjoying cooking more (73%), making a difference for animals (91%) and the planet (86%), and feeling closer to animals and nature (71%).
  • Rather than finding a vegan diet difficult to stick to, 61% say staying on a vegan diet long-term is effortless.
  • While the myth is that vegans can’t enjoy eating out or other social get-togethers, most
  • respondents get all the restaurant meals and close friendships they need without giving up the diet they love.

Note:  Stanger authored the survey and has written a full report with charts and eloquent quotes from respondents. Please see her website – link above.

Photo – Veggie Rows – Marsha Tudor