Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

SuperFood Drive Team

SuperFood Drive Staff

San Diego has many people working to make a difference, and one that shines with her efforts at promoting health and veggie food while solving the hunger problem is Ruthi Bozman-Moss Solari, a Certified Nutritionist through the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy.

According to the latest study by Feeding America, one in eight Americans are dependent upon food banks. Solari started a nonprofit called SuperFood Drive in June 2009 when she saw the opportunity to provide nutritious foods to an enormous target population.

“There is a huge population that has no choice — people eat what is provided to them each week in a bag from the food bank or food pantry…and by making small changes (brown rice instead of white, black beans instead of refried with lard, etc.), there is the possibility to make a huge impact on the health of many,” said Solari.

While SuperFood Drive primarily promotes veggie food — whole foods in non-perishable form like whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, canned fruits and veggies (in their own juice or water, with no syrup), and low sodium soups — they do use a few animal products like canned, water-packed tuna and wild salmon. Solari has been vegetarian for 12 years except  for occasional seafood; that makes her a pescatarian.

SuperFood Drive is gearing up to launch their “SuperKids for SuperFoods” campaign to bring healthier, kid-friendly snack items to students nationwide. In addition, they are encouraging individuals to host their own SuperFood Drives this spring and summer. There is always a big push for food drives during the holiday season; however, there is a dry spell with people going hungry during the rest of the year.  Solari encourages people to visit the website to learn more about how to help.