Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
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Vegetarians and vegans are constantly asked, “Do you get enough protein?”

Some of us are not concerned, as we eat plenty of beans, nuts, quinoa and other sources of protein regularly. This helpful article looks at the protein issue in depth. If you want to supplement your diet, there are many protein powders vying for our attention these days. Health nuts have brought up Sunwarrior lately, so I wanted to put the company in the spotlight, along with the huge banner ad on the main page of this blog that you are welcome to click on! If you purchase Sunwarrior through that banner ad, you would thrill me by providing my first pennies off this website which started with a desire to inspire others. A few year later, the blog is overflowing with articles on events, restaurants, interviews with interesting people in the veggie movement, and beyond.

As for Sunwarrior, their Raw Vegan Protein is said to be the highest raw whole grain sprouted vegan protein (not made from soy) on the market and the first complete hypoallergenic protein made up of all 9 essential amino acids and other non-essential amino acids. This stellar product also helps absorb vitamins. The new Warrior Blend increases metabolism, builds muscle and burns fat, and curbs the appetite. Also a raw powder with a complete amino acid profile, this blend contains pea protein, cranberry protein, hempseed protein and coconut MCTs  (medium-chain triglycerides), and has a host of health benefits.

Sunwarrior also sells other products; samples of the Ormus Supergreens were perfect for a recent trip. Organic, raw and non-GMO, the greens include spinach, wheatgrass and others, along with some surprising additions like peppermint and parsley. Grown in an ancient volcanic valley in Utah, the supergreens are laden with minerals and cultured with probiotics.

Their products are great for people with allergies, as they contain no dairy, egg, soy, gluten, added sugar, wheat or yeast. Add that to so many nutritional benefits, and it seems hard to top the high quality products Sunwarrior is creating!