Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Some people like to avoid the predictable winter colds and flus by taking something extra to boost immunity and well-being. For this purpose, along with general health, I recently reintroduced spirulina into my diet, but was not loving the taste or globs left in the blender when mixing it into a daily smoothie.

It was not long before Sunfood’s Sun is Shining arrived in the mail. I am not an expert on green powders or superfoods, but it felt like the royalty of the green powders had befriended lucky me. The product hit the spot – the taste is basically neutral, which is a lot better than spirulina, and Sun is Shining blends smoothly into any beverage. Since I started taking it each day, I have noticed a sustained energy throughout the day, even when not having slept well the night before.

More importantly, a long list of healthy ingredients includes not only spirulina but broccoli, kale, wheatgrass, nopal cactus, sea vegetables, and more. The product offers a range of nutritional benefits which ensures busy people in modern times make up for what can often become a lack in nutrients. Sun is Shining also has enzymes and probiotics (friendly bacteria) which help us to absorb all the vitamins and minerals. For vegans, it is great that the product is high in Vitamin B12- one serving has 158% of the percent daily value.

Sun is Shining is vegan, gluten-free,  raw organic, and lasts for years (refrigeration recommended). Who wouldn’t want to try something with so many positive attributes? To buy this product, shop online at Sunfood for an array of products.

Photo credit: Sunfood