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Is sugar evil? So many people struggle with cravings for sugar, succumbing to donuts or cookies at the office, and filling their coffee cup with spoonfuls of sugar time and time again, only to feel worse afterwards. The sweet stuff brings its own form of a hangover, which could include moodiness and depression, hyperactivity followed by the famous sugar crash, and more. We eat a piece of candy, and it leaves us still hungry. Turning to more food to fill the void in our stomachs, weight gain occurs. Many people are hopelessly addicted to sugar.

In a society with so many health issues – from diabetes to obesity to heart conditions and cancers –  shouldn’t we be more careful what we put into our mouths?

This detailed New York Times article talks about how the leading expert in childhood obesity at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, which is one of the best medical schools in the country, calls sugar “evil” numerous times and basically calls it poison.

I have read that sugar alternatives like agave nectar may not actually be much healthier than sugar, and xylitol can cause bloating. This leaves me wondering whether to eat anything sugar-like at all, or to stick to the old “everything in moderation” rule! What are your thoughts on the topic?

Life is sweet, especially when filled with treats like chocolate and cupcakes. But this is some serious food for thought.