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Smoothie o' Spirulina

Green drinks and powders are all the rage, and in health-conscious crowds there are frequent social media posts about kale, chard and other leafy greens. Spirulina, a blue-green microalgae, may not sound or taste appetizing, but it’s known for being incredibly nutrient dense and high in protein. It also boosts the immune system and reduces cholesterol.  I can attest to the immune system claims of spirulina; since I have been regularly taking the green powder (and higher amounts of vitamin C), I have fought off most colds and flus, usually within a day. My daily smoothie (see photo) usually contains almond or rice milk, spirulina powder, protein powder, frozen fruit, a banana, and other variable ingredients.

This article gives you the scoop on spirulina and says it is such a nutritional powerhouse that one could survive on the microalgae and water alone. Stay green!