Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

blogoct 002“What do you eat?” is a question often asked of vegans, so I decided to share some of the products brought home from a mini-shopping spree at San Diego’s gem, People’s Organic Foods Market.  Here is a glance into some of the favorite foods of a longtime vegan.

In the mornings I often have ginger tea. Ginger warms us up on a cold day and alleviates respiratory infections and colds. This lovely root also stimulates digestion and relieves nausea, enhances moods, has anti-inflammatory properties, and other benefits. Another morning ritual is a smoothie with bananas, the to-die-for Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter, cacao nibs, ground-up flax seeds, Rice Dream, or almond milk as a dairy alternative, greens such as kale, and other ingredients which vary.

As a snack, I might have a soy yogurt. The ones shown in the photo are WholeSoy, a verified non-GMO and organic product. People’s has an amazing colorful array of produce, and I stock up on Fuji apples, sweet potatoes, kale, oranges, and whatever else draws me in.

Having been vegan for 20 years, it helps to mix things up and try something new. This week one culinary adventure was Mama Cesena’s Artisan Tortillas – Tomato and Green Onion flavor. They are moist and work well with some Emerald Valley Kitchen Organic Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Hummus and the quintessential Southern California delicacy: the avocado. I also tried a new cereal, Nature’s Path Optimum Cranberry Ginger. It’s organic and healthy and not as sweet as many cereals.

Let’s not forget something sweet. An all-time favorite indulgence is Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss ice cream.

The vegan products mentioned are only part of what I will consume this week. For more detailed meal plans and nutritional advice, leave it to the experts at Vegan Outreach and Jack Norris, RD.