Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

When I moved to San Diego nine years ago, a local told me over a wintery cup of tea that this city was not a very hospitable environment for vegetarians and vegans. While we don’t compare to San Francisco or Los Angeles which have dozens of veggie restaurants, bakeries and the like, I have never agreed with her statement. I have written many articles about San Diego’s plethora of farmer’s markets, the growing number of restaurants catering to herbivores, and an always increasing number of meetup groups and events.

This year San Diego has pumped out even more veggie empowerment – Kale University created a San Diego Health Fair that packed the house with people curious about raw foods, Casa de Luz is often hosting educational meetings and dinners, and now our beautiful coastal city is offering its first San Diego Vegetarian Festival on Nov. 3!

Maybe it’s about seeing the glass half full.