Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

By Teagen McClain, guest writer

September 25 kicks off the third annual San Diego Veg Week when hundreds of people pledge to go vegetarian or vegan for one week.   Coordinated by APRL (The Animal Protection and Rescue League), Veg Week assists the newly veg and veg-curious alike in making healthy compassionate food choices.

These days we are fortunate to have countless veg options for dining and an overwhelming abundance of cookbooks and online resources.  Veg Week helps to narrow it down and get you started, with grocery shopping tours, nutrition lectures, a cooking class, a movie night, and more.  There’s even a vegan ice cream social with a live band!

So many people are switching to a more plant-based diet. Whether out of a commitment to the environment and sustainability, concern for animals, to prevent or heal from heart disease and diabetes, or all of the above, it’s never been easier, and you don’t have to make the transition alone!

Take the Veg Pledge and sign up online.  You’ll be mailed a packet of coupons and recipes and get helpful emails daily for 7 days with nutrition tips, additional recipes and web links.  Attend a free event and have the chance to win prizes such as great cookbooks and gift certificates.  Local restaurants will have special discounts for Veg Week participants as well.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for vegetarians to begin a transition to a vegan diet or for committed vegans to share the idea with co-workers, family and friends.  Most importantly, SD Veg Week is a lot of fun!