Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

2Something reminiscent of vibrant markets in San Francisco, Seattle, and cities worldwide has arrived in San Diego like a breath of fresh air: the Liberty Public Market. Liberty Station, a buzzing spot in Point Loma, has totally transformed from its Navy training station days into a walkable area boasting everything from nonprofit office spaces to Trader Joe’s to art events, and now, the market.

The market, open daily and on the smaller side, is modern, clean, and packed with people. The line for Argentinean empanadas didn’t let up.  I had some delicious Thai food at Mama Made Thai, dubbed as Bangkok street food. While I didn’t see many veggie options, the choices at Fully Loaded Juice and Garden Fresh looked nutritious. There were flower stands, fancy dessert vendors and other feasts for the eyes. Lucky for locals, San Diego always has new businesses sprouting up and interesting things to explore!