Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Au's Raw Bacon and Eggs

"Bacon and Eggs" - Coconut, Papaya and More

Bryan Au, a chef, author, and expert on the raw foods diet, went vegetarian at age 12 because he was eating many hamburgers and gaining a lot of weight. His sister told him to try being vegetarian.

“As soon as I stopped I got slim and was not depressed anymore, I was so much happier and energetic!” Au said.

His mom taught him how to cook vegetarian meals, which he really enjoyed. Au also did a lot of research into health and well-being, and an interest in yoga followed.

He then volunteered as a vegetarian chef at different yoga centers internationally, learning the best in vegetarian cooking.

A "Cheeseburger" Made of Fruit!

A "Cheeseburger" Made of Fruit!

About 10 years ago on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Au’s meeting with a raw food group proved life-changing. They taught him everything about raw organic food — the benefits and spiritual aspects of the raw foods diet.

“A whole new world opened up to me and I did a lot of yoga and had serious spiritual realizations and discovered I was really good at inventing totally new raw organic cuisine recipes. I decided to make it mainstream for the entire world to enjoy and benefit from it as much as we were,” said Au.

At that time the raw foods diet was underground, so he self-published his book RAW IN TEN MINUTES, hoping to transform people and the world in wonderful, loving, healing and eco ways, Au said.

Au’s excited about his Eco Chef APP (more info on his website – link above) available worldwide around April 24. The $2 app is for anyone with a PC or MAC Computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, or iTouch from iTunes and APP Store.  Get a taste of Au’s app and receive his recipes and videos (with new ones to come).