Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

wabisabi 009Besides watching a bellydancer and live music, people were raving about the treats made by raw foods diet chef Jenn Shultz of Wabi-Sabi Foods (a Japanese term meaning “the beauty in imperfection”) at Spring Awakening, an event at Red Lotus Society on May 8. Wabi-Sabi Foods is Shultz’s new business striving to bring healthy, local, organic and sustainable foods to San Diego through music, art, spiritual, farm and other community events.

Shultz, a raw foods chef for five years, said the diet brings clarity of mind and more energy, plus lightness — unlike how one feels after eating a processed meal. Following the raw foods diet she has healed herself of hypoglycemia and weak digestion, and no longer gets sick with common colds, flus and so on.

Shultz Serves up the Treats

Shultz Serves up the Treats

Shultz had an array of organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free treats to feast on at the event, such as sundried tomato wraps and nori rolls filled with fresh greens/other veggies and spreads made with nuts, seeds and more. Shultz showed her creativity and commitment to being eco-friendly by using dehydrated orange peel halves as containers for the buckwheat crackers and chipotle cheeze.

One standout dessert was the Aztec truffles made of cacao, habanero chili, maca, coconut oil and other decadent ingredients reminding one of the passionate Mexican cooking done in the movie Like Water for Chocolate. I also loved the raw chocolate, some made with peppermint.  Shultz’s chocolate or vanilla lavender haystacks and oatmeal raisin cookies were all delicious and did not leave one with a sugar crash like mainstream desserts would.

Wabi-Sabi Foods is a perfect way to support the healthfulness of the raw foods diet while hosting events. And Red Lotus Society is an asset for the San Diego community — a non-profit in the heart of downtown promoting peace through meditation and always offering interesting workshops and events. Read about Dave Macek, the Executive Director.