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Raw T and Modu

Raw T and Modu

At her home in Whittier, Southern California and around the country, Teresa Jordan, known as Raw T, holds events to help others make health changes in their lives. She recently hosted MODU’s BootCamp/FERNANDA’s Brazilian Booty Class/ & RAW T’s Cuisine to inspire friends interested in taking the best care of their bodies.

The group ran the length of the backyard to “warm up” for Modu Seye’s Bootcamp. His exercises were easy to follow, but challenging at the same time; Modu was very encouraging. In between classes, Keya March, who specializes in herbal tonics, treated all to an energizing “shot’ of an herbal blend!

Next was Fernanda Rocha’s Brazilian Booty Class. She appears on OC HOUSEWIVES/ BRAVO TV and beyond her looks, has a talent for instructing a wonderful workout that concentrates on the gluteus maximus muscle group — fun and very effective.

Raw T’s yoga, stretch and short meditation class ended the workout, and then came her Veggie Pizzas, Kale & Wild Green Salad, plus Strawberry Parfait for dessert. The remainder of the blissful day was spent lounging at the saltwater pool, or soaking in the saltwater jacuzzi.

CIMG1082“I have been very fortunate to have lots of free time in my adult life to read books, visit holistic spas and retreats, join private gyms with some of the best trainers in the world, and attend such events as The 7 Day Juice Fast with world-leading holistic Dr. Gabriel Cousens,” Teresa said.

It only seems fitting to help others along at her spacious property which is a perfect setting for the events and Juice Fasting Retreats. They plan a liver/gallbladder flush every year when apple trees are in season, because the Malic Acid in the apples softens any stones. They hike in the nearby hills, forage for wild edibles, do yoga stretching, share stories and challenges.

This lovely lady has also co-written a juice fasting ebook. See Raw T’s Recipe Page or contact her at