Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

IMG_0397So many people in San Diego are doing vital work to help the community. Among that crowd you’ll find 100 Strong San Diego members Jacqueline Penhos and Olivia Dixon mentoring young women. The two ladies hosted the Women Empowerment and Career Enhancement 1st Annual Fundraiser on Sept. 7 at World Beat Center.  Speakers included Dr. Shirley Weber, the first African-American female assembly member; Dr. Suzanne Affalo, MD from Kaiser Permanente, an advocate for minority and underserved communities; and others. Several vendors were selling jewelry, hats, cosmetics, and other fun items, and nonprofits were available to offer youth confidential HIV testing, breast cancer and domestic violence education, immigration services, and more.

Jacqueline and Olivia are holding a Rites of Passage Program for young women ages 10-18 from March through June of 2014. They will have workshops, field trips, cultural understanding through art, and volunteering opportunities. Girls will learn about adult living, finances, preparing for college, and much more. For more info, contact Olivia at 619-501-6985 or Jacqueline at 619-200-2708.