In These Kooky Trump Times

15977644_1232944313465948_7266125825887143832_nModern times are chaotic, whether keeping up on the nonstop madness in the news or facing the rat race we call life in big cities in the U.S.

We can all use a little humor to lighten us up! Here’s looking back at The Far Side from 1990! Those were simpler days.

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Veggie Treats in Ensenada

canvas1 I had a delicious lunch at Falafel Comida Israeli (pictured). Don’t miss Chutney Curry House in the same little mall, offering veggie options! We also tried La Sonrisa for fresh-baked breads and burritos.









Other highlights were stopping for fresh cocos (coconuts) on the way to Ensenada and catching a gorgeous sunset at the bay.








Don’t miss the sunset!

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Visual Explorations

These days I find myself more engaged in taking photos while exploring neighborhoods and stunning natural scenes than pursuing my longtime interest of writing. So you may find me sharing pretty pics more than rambling on through the written word.


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Back to the Desert

As much as I love the beach, it’s always nice to get a change of pace and see desert colors and landscapes. So we headed to Arizona for a few nights and even found some veggie-friendly sites that brought a smile when in Scottsdale and Phoenix. It was predictably hot but a lovely place to visit and discover healthful foods and locales.

Check out these photos and enjoy!

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers

Fresh Mint, Scottsdale

Fresh Mint


Chef Sara's Raw Vegan Academy and Cafe

Chef Sara’s Raw Vegan Academy and Cafe, Cave Creek


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A Taste of Mexico at the Boulevard Market!

unnamedBaja is definitely on the foodie radar these days and San Diegans enjoy crossing the border for flavorful foods and a dose of culture! Likewise, we appreciate the pieces of Mexico interwoven into our lives here in Southern California.

I wanted to share a little something cool going on in the San Diego-Tijuana border region that entails vegan tacos, cross-cultural collaboration, and fun to be had!

I am not surprised that this project comes from El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association, a group always keeping an eye out for revitalization and creative projects. Vayan al Boulevard Market Aug. 19 y disfruten!

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Unconditional Love

It’s a good time to share a few positive messages in this era of mass shootings, racial tension, people burning homeless folks in San Diego, and the recent loss of my sweet father. Somehow even with all that going on, my strength and joy of life are intact. My father taught his four kids and others blessed to be in his life about unconditional love and joy. I am lucky to be surrounded by many great people. It seems important to focus on loving relationships and the good in the world to prevent being overwhelmed by the horrors around us.



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Juice, Juice Everywhere

My latest habit when I feel a cold coming on or want to give my body an oil change:  run to the nearest juice bar and slurp down a drink filled with beets, spinach, apple, ginger and other goodies known to be nutritionally cleansing. Luckily, juice shops are all over the place these days in health-conscious, often sunny San Diego.

Where to start in the sea of juice bars? Take a tour, at your own pace. Most of the spots mentioned also offer smoothies, acai bowls, protein bars and other snacks.

juiceIn charming South Park, not far from the newish vegan restaurant Kindred, step into cheery Sacred Juice at 2967  Beech St. (pictured, right).

Hit up Whole Foods Hillcrest at 711 University Ave. for freshly-made jugo along with a treat from the salad bar. Not far on University Ave. you can find both Project Juice at 1080 University, Ste. H107, and Juice Crafters at 401 University Ave. (along with other locations).

Closer to the sea and fresh on the Point Loma scene, Liberty Public Market at 2820 Historic Decatur Rd. didn’t miss the trend, with healthful drinks at Fully Loaded Juice.

juicesavesIn the East Village, stop by Juice Saves (pictured, left) which offers a plethora of smoothies and superfoods from spirulina to chia seeds to camu camu. They serve up breakfast bowls and a few salads as well.

For a less pricy option, head to Logan Heights not far from downtown, where you can get a juice from Coty’s Deli or La Colmena Wanavana for under $7 and enjoy hearing Spanish.

That should get you started! What other juice bars did I miss? Please leave any ideas in the comments.


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San Diego Proud of New Public Market

2Something reminiscent of vibrant markets in San Francisco, Seattle, and cities worldwide has arrived in San Diego like a breath of fresh air: the Liberty Public Market. Liberty Station, a buzzing spot in Point Loma, has totally transformed from its Navy training station days into a walkable area boasting everything from nonprofit office spaces to Trader Joe’s to art events, and now, the market.

The market, open daily and on the smaller side, is modern, clean, and packed with people. The line for Argentinean empanadas didn’t let up.  I had some delicious Thai food at Mama Made Thai, dubbed as Bangkok street food. While I didn’t see many veggie options, the choices at Fully Loaded Juice and Garden Fresh looked nutritious. There were flower stands, fancy dessert vendors and other feasts for the eyes. Lucky for locals, San Diego always has new businesses sprouting up and interesting things to explore!

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Real Food Daily Rocks Repeatedly

2I must confess I can’t seem to go to my hometown of Los Angeles without stopping by Real Food Daily. Whether it’s the Santa Monica or the West Hollywood location, I love the creative, delectable food and the stylish atmosphere.  My family, a mix of vegetarians, pescatarians and carnivores, enjoys dining at Real Food Daily often. Someday we need to try the Pasadena spot.

indexAt the Santa Monica locale, the bakery display shines and tempts. Yesterday I happily started my day with an herbal caffeine-free coffee called Teecino, along with a Breakfast Sammie filled with tempeh bacon, chipotle aioli, vegan cheese, avocado  . . .the list of yummy ingredients goes on. It was great; a lot of other menu options would have taken the cake as well.

The only thing wrong with this place is that it’s not in San Diego. Our fine coastal city boasts many more herbivorous choices these days, but having a Real Food Daily would move us into the category of a truly veggie-friendly and hip city.

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Puerto Vallarta – Healthy Options by the Sea

sunset2Puerto Vallarta may have been crowded at Christmas, but my boyfriend and I had a great time walking along the vibrant oceanfront malecon, exploring nearby beaches by bus, and cafe-hopping. This was my first Puerto Vallarta vacation, but I have been to Mexico several times, slowly discovering more of the beauty and inexpensive travel not far from home.

Armed with my list researched on the web, I found a decent array of veggie options; I wish I could have made it to more of them. A favorite was Restaurante Vegetariano Mary (inside Hotel Paloma del  Mar), where you are greeted by a lovely owner and a casual buffet that makes you feel like you are in someone’s home. Mary told us about her powerful change of heart — she went from owning a carniceria (butcher shop) to practically giving the shop away once she felt compelled to go vegetarian.

planetavegAnother bright buffet in a peaceful setting is Planeta Vegetariano, conveniently close to the Lady of Guadalupe church and the ocean.  Not fully vegetarian — but still a mainstay in the Zona Romantica — was Salud Super Food, a popular place owned by expats from the U.S. which served up wraps and smoothies and used health-conscious items such as chia seeds, quinoa, and alternative beverages like almond milk.

veggietableAt the Saturday farmer’s market in the Zona Romantica, I caught not only some lovely local art but a vendor called Veggie Table that dished up veggie tacos, soy meats, burgers and other delights. They have a new shop in town, too.

Even though I wasn’t eating as abundantly as I do in San Diego, I had many fine meals with a Mexican flair, and enjoyed the sunshine, the beach, and lively streets, as often happens in Latin America.

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