Picture Perfect Pacific Northwest

I forgot how absolutely beautiful the Pacific Northwest is, especially on warm summer days.

It’s been a great time visiting loved ones and some old haunts where I went to college in Bellingham, WA.





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Thinking of Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai has been one of my family’s homes for decades and is such a special place to many. I am hoping we all send great, positive thoughts to the gorgeous island as the locals recover from the flood.

Photo by a dear friend and artist Elsa Flores Almaraz.

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Sugar: Sweet Friend or Foe?

Photo Credit – Edible Harmony

Brownies, cookies, ice cream, donuts, cereal, sodas, and so many additional treats are challenging and frequent temptations for many people, whether we are shopping for groceries, going to a movie theater, or enjoying time with friends.

However, as many of us have heard, sugar is an addictive, unhealthy product. I posted to Facebook that I was struggling with staying away from the sweet white substance, only to receive numerous comments from others going through the same challenge. People were trying various ways to moderate their sugar intake. It is often said that the sweetener causes depression, weight gain, and lower immunity. This photo shows many more reasons to stay away from the stuff.

The good news is that stevia, coconut nectar, xylitol, monk fruit, brown rice syrup, and other sugar alternatives can be found at health food stores and increasingly at mainstream grocery stores. These options are becoming more popular by the moment. Conveniently, fresh fruit is another more nutritious alternative.

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Beautiful Art in Mexico

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Life Flying By

veg Lately I am feeling nostalgic as the years fly by, and I wanted to share a few pics from years past. To the left, you’ll find me showing off rather curly hair and wearing adorable veggie overalls — so fitting for a lifelong vegetarian. In the photo to the right, my older sister and I are wearing motorcycle helmets from when our dad was doing advertising for a motorcycle company. Life flies by, so seize the day!2012_01_23_11_13_40.pdf000

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Coastal Healing

I just returned from a Central California jaunt to spend time with family, honor my father who passed away last year, and enjoy the coast. Taking a train was a refreshing way to avoid traffic and read with a frequent stellar ocean view, though it does add a few hours onto the journey.

If you venture to Cayucos, check out nearby Harmony, a town claiming a population of 18! The town which seemed a block long features some lovely pottery and jewelry and other pieces by local artisans, and a room with free coffee and water for any passersby!



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Revolutionary Granola

Untitled-30_largeWe devoured three bags of GrandyOats Coconola so fast I barely had time to reflect on the products’ attributes. Made of coconuts, this original product is appealing to the hordes of people steering clear of grains and gluten. On top of that, Coconola is organic, non-GMO, oil-free, salt-free, Kosher and low sugar! Something that really stands out is that the bakery is the nation’s first 100% solar powered food production facility, using 288 solar panels.

Coconut is highly popular as a great source of energy, fiber and healthy fats. The products also contain nuts and seeds which add nutritional value. Being a total chocaholic, I especially loved the Chocolate Chunk flavor.

GrandyOats, a lovely business with more than 35 years experience, provides a variety of Coconola flavors for your tasting pleasures, as well as roasted nuts and seeds and trail mixes, all organic. Check out their website and Facebook page to find out more and start shopping!

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The Different Sides of Travel

On a recent trip to the Tijuana area, I experienced a variety of senses and emotions, seeing sights that ranged from lovely beaches to neighborhoods in need of some beauty enhancements.  That diversity is what makes travel so fulfilling.




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Seattle Sights

seattlepike wa wa2Gorgeous produce from Pike Place in Seattle and natural areas near Bainbridge Island!

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Desert Beauty


Enjoying the gorgeous wildflowers this year’s rains brought to Anza Borrego!

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