Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Hello y aloha, I will be taking it easy on blogging for the next few weeks, as I have a big work event coming up, and for other reasons. But I wanted to share something inspiring from Eco-Vegan Gal who Southern California lost to Northern California. Luckily, she continues to make great videos and motivate others toward a healthy and eco-friendly diet and lifestyle.

I am cuckoo for coconuts, like many people, but have not yet ventured into trying coconut kefir, a highly popular type of probiotics (for digestion), used as an alternative to dairy kefir. Eco-Vegan Gal claims the coconut kefir has calcium, phosphorus, enzymes and vitamins, and more. Because the product is expensive to buy, she figured out how to make it on her own, and it is fun to watch the simple process. Click on “video recipes” on the bottom right of her site (link above) and scroll through until you find the kefir video.  Have fun!