Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

When I feel a cold coming on or want to give my body an oil change, my latest habit is to run to the nearest juice bar and slurp down a drink filled with beets, spinach, apple, ginger, and other goodies known to be nutritionally cleansing. Luckily, juice shops are all over the place these days in health-conscious, often sunny San Diego.

Where should you start in the sea of juice bars? Take a tour, at your own pace. Most of the spots mentioned also offer smoothies, acai bowls, protein bars, and other snacks.

juiceIn charming South Park, not far from the vegan restaurant Kindred, step into cheery Sacred Juice at 2967  Beech St. (pictured, right).

Hit up Whole Foods Hillcrest at 711 University Ave. for freshly-made jugo along with a treat from the salad bar. Not far on University Ave. you can find both Project Juice at 1080 University, Ste. H107, and Juice Crafters at 401 University Ave. (along with other locations).

Closer to the sea and fresh on the Point Loma scene, Liberty Public Market at 2820 Historic Decatur Rd. didn’t miss the trend, with healthful drinks at Fully Loaded Juice.

juicesavesIn the East Village, stop by Juice Saves (pictured, left) which offers a plethora of smoothies and superfoods from spirulina to chia seeds to camu camu. They serve up breakfast bowls and a few salads as well.

For a less pricy option, head to Logan Heights not far from downtown, where you can get a juice from Coty’s Deli or La Colmena Wanavana for under $7 and enjoy hearing Spanish.

That should get you started! What other juice bars did I miss? Please leave any ideas in the comments.