Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

jasonandpiaIt’s motivational to meet a couple with shared life passions who bring positive change to the community.  Jason Rotman and Pia Kanekoa are a lovely engaged San Diego pair who hope to empower and enlighten people on the path of spiritual discovery, optimal nutrition and happy living.

With a healthy and grounded glow about them, Jason and Pia are surefire role models for the raw foods diet. Almost two years ago, a one-week trial brought so much clarity, energy and spiritual connection — commonly named results of the raw foods diet — that they decided to be permanent raw foodists. Before that, Jason was a vegetarian for one year, and Pia had been a sometimes vegetarian for 10 years. Their daughter Makalea, 7, is mostly vegan.

“Kids are the future and our responsibility is to give them a foundation of health,” said Pia.

They bring health to the community by selling superfoods — plant-based items from authentically organic farms, with the highest concentration of a broad array of nutrients. Maca powder, golden berries, herbed olives and more can be purchased online or at the Ocean Beach or La Jolla farmer’s markets.

Their catering company handles events and parties and delivers weekly meals to clients in San Diego. Recently they started teaching energy cuisine classes — Jan. 29 they’ll be holding a class at the World Beat Center.

Some people fear they will feel deprived, but Jason and Pia say the raw food lifestyle of is full of abundance.  Their pizza is a case in point, full of flavor and nutrition:  a tomato basil marinara sauce, olives and cashew cauliflower serrano pepper cheese on a flax zucchini crust. The trick in raw food preparation is the right equipment:  a dehydrator, a Vitamix blender, a food processor, and high-quality knives.

The trend toward raw foods is clear, so what do these two healthy lifestyle experts predict for the future?

“Everyone going toward high energy cuisine,” said Pia.

Jason added, “I see people eating the highest energy food possible so they can live their life’s purpose and be as present as possible in each moment to love. ” He also hopes we are able to “bypass the whole production structure of food if possible and unite in growing healthy, organic fruits and vegetables for the community.”