Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Fruits of Kauai

Treasures of Kauai

Have you ever vacationed at a bed and breakfast located on a farm full of fresh organic fruits and veggies you can harvest? Adventurous, health-conscious folks will find vegetarian travel options like these expanding every year.

I had the pleasure of apprenticing years ago at North Country Farms in breathtaking Kauai, Hawaii. Therefore I can vouch for both the superior quality organic produce and guests flying in from around the world being greeted with “aloha baskets” decked out with the farm’s tropical bananas and papayas, fresh baked goods, coffee, teas, and more.

To boot, the farm uses vinegar and water and other eco-friendly cleaning products, and for years now has contributed to the local community in a number of ways. For 50 families each week, North Country Farms hosts a monthly whole foods co-op and also sell bountiful boxes of produce known as community supported agriculture (CSA).

Other like-minded vegetarian travel spots include Planet Costa Rica – a guesthouse on a farm in the mountains of Central America growing organic coffee, mandarin oranges, and exotic fruits like guyabas and coconut. I’ve personally stayed at Cascada Verde Eco Lodge also in Costa Rica, with yoga classes, hammocks looking out on the rainforest, and tasty veggie food – some of it raw – picked from their gardens.

Beach Near Cascada Verde

Beach near Cascada Verde

What better way to relax than to be in places such as these, surrounded by incredible scenery, kind people, and healthy food.