Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Ray and Nrgy

Her Facebook photos of delicious meals she prepares entice many people,  so it’s good news Nrgy Gonzalez has a bilingual blog now! In Vegan a la Mexicana, she shares her positive outlook and passion for healthy food.

In the past, Nrgy hated eating animal products and also wasn’t a big fan of veggies. When she spotted “Skinny Bitch” about four years ago in a bookstore, she was so amused by the title that she bought it without looking at the content inside.

“I read it from cover to cover that night and decided to ‘become a vegan’ the next day . . . it fit right in with my yoga teachings of Ahimsa,” Nrgy said.

From her Mexican perspective, she said, “Our ancestors ate a mostly plant-based diet and would only consume animal protein seasonally or during sacred ceremony. They respected and honored the animals, they were seen as our relatives, not tortured and exploited the way we do today. It is important we recognize that, and take responsibility to once again honor these relatives (the animals), the environment, the land, our bodies, and our ancestors.”


To keep enjoying the typical Mexican dishes she loves, Nrgy got creative and veganized some recipes. Try one of her favorites: enfrijoladas stuffed with veggie fajitas.

Her fiance, Ray Angelo, also of Mexican heritage, is a Family Medicine Physician (M.D.). He and Nrgy eat a mostly raw food diet.

Ray is constantly encouraging his patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle with simple tips: exercise 30 minutes EVERY day, and eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables. He tailors his advice to the specific patient (example: special advice for diabetics). Patients are informed that Ray is a vegan, and learn the benefits of a vegan diet. Aside from limiting or eliminating animal products, he also encourages patients to eat fresh, raw and whole fruits and vegetables and shy away from processed and fast foods.

Nrgy will also be educating others as she is studying to become a Registered Dietitian to empower people in lower-income communities with the knowledge to stay healthy. She credits her father Juan Gonzalez, a professional Chef for over 20 years, with everything she knows about veganism.  Nrgy hopes to open a restaurant with her padre someday. For this girl and her fiance, the future is bright.