Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Eco Friendly Board GamePondering what to buy loved ones for the holidays? Fortunately, in this time of environmental crisis, many innovative products can be found while doing some eco friendly shopping beneficial for both the planet and the animals.  Gaiam has been making green household goods for years, like rechargeable batteries and cozy-looking organic bedding.

I bought my nieces Earthopoly, the clever board game sold on the Gaiam website and other places — made of recyclable and biodegradable materials — in which players collect carbon credits and green living tips.

Mythology in San Diego makes for a positive eco friendly shopping experience, selling 100% cruelty free vegan products mostly made within California. They have a diversity of items for sale, from bamboo shirts (I love the one I bought in Hawaii — highly soft and wicks away moisture) to shoes made of recycled bicycle tires. You’ll also find originals like faux suede, fur and ostrich belts (made in the store).

San Diego also boasts the shop All Vegan, which has an online store now as well, full of candles, wallets, great T-shirts with veggie-friendly messages, a big shoe selection, amazing chocolates and organic, fair trade marshmallows sans gelatin, and additional treats for veggie people.

Matt and Nat lines their environmentally-friendly vegan handbags with recycled plastic water bottles. At Pangea, the beloved online company that also opens its store outside Washington DC on weekends, those interested in conscious, vegan and eco friendly shopping may want to treat their friends to colorful Ecoist coin purses made of “repurposed” candy wrappers. They’ve also got boots and other clothing, and organic candy canes for little ones.

We are lucky that similar stores and websites are popping up all over. Now we must get Santa Claus to jump on the eco friendly bandwagon right away so we can preserve our planet’s natural areas and animals for generations to come!