Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Children Painting with Art Miles
Creations with Art Miles

The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day was a big success at Earth Fair in San Diego. This was the 20th year of the free, enormous event held at Balboa Park, with approximately 70,000 people coming out in support of our planet. For several years now, regardless of the weather the day before, the sun seems to shine strongly for Earth Day.

Eco-friendly shopping was also ever-present, whether the beautiful Balinese “upcycled” clothes from Soul Stylezs or reusable sandwich bags made of vinyl. There were also attractive gift bags that could take the place of disposable wrapping paper, environmentally-friendly handkerchiefs, canvas shoes, and many other items. People looking for planet-friendly cars were in hog heaven.

There were many delicious veggie food choices beneficial to our health and the Earth. One could sample organic¬† juices, coconut milk and soy ice cream sandwiches. Righteously Raw’s organic raw cacao bars with acai, maca and other flavors were a highlight.

earthday 008There were Mexican and Filipino food stands, affordable vegan dishes like enchiladas from Govinda’s, and Peace Pies served their beloved raw meals. Speakers including raw foods expert Mimi Kirk, yoga and energy healer Jerome Gross, and other local food and health experts.

Art Miles Mural Project was on hand bringing people together to paint murals for global peace and harmony. They are planning an amazing international event in Egypt this Fall with many murals — contact them for more info.

At San Diego’s Earth Day, the crowds can be overwhelming for some. Public transportation is encouraged, but the numerous cars transporting people to the event and loads of trash (despite the recycling containers in many spots) contradict the point of the event. However, the eco-friendly shopping, great bands, healthy food and fun hopefully inspire the thousands of people to make a difference for years to come.