Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

After more than a year of the pandemic, we were ready to explore new sites rather than feeling cooped up at home. Once the sunny spring hit, we chose an overnight journey to the Southern California desert with its expansive mountain views. Our road trip to the Desert Hot Springs area entailed several hours of driving but was worth it for the getaway to some relaxing and beautiful mineral hot springs. We also did a bit of sightseeing in nearby Palm Springs, a special family hub where my dad and grandparents lived for years and I often visited as a child.

To add to the fun, I usually support any veggie businesses possible when visiting a new city. Chef Tanya’s Kitchen makes a tasty meatless Chupacabra Chick’n wrap, which hit the spot. Those who go to the Palm Springs location (pictured) can take their food to go or grab one of a few tables outside, along with enjoying a small vegan grocery store with unique products.