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Raw Shea Body Creme

I have been thoroughly enjoying pampering myself with Foreue (pronounced “for you”) natural skin and personal care products lately. Foreue’s wide range of products are vegan and cruelty-free (not tested on animals and containing no animal by-products).

I’ve had the pleasure of using LeMudd Clay Masque, which makes your skin feel smooth and clean, and washes off very easily, without making a mess. Raw Shea Body Creme is a fabulous way to soften skin and can also be used for hair. I love having the 100% raw shea butter around as it reminds me of my trip to Uganda, where I heard about the goods coming from the nut of African shea trees. The Blue Magic spray worked right away on a bit of muscle pain, and also soothes joint pain. Both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, it can be used internally or externally, which I haven’t experienced with many products.

Foreue makes soaps ‘the old-fashioned way’ with 100% natural ingredients – no petrochemicals, no phthalates (say that fast 10 times), no preservatives, and no parabens. Use the soaps for hands, body and face. The essential oils and healing herbs smell great, with scents including peppermint, lavender, almond and lemongrass. Unscented soaps are also available for those with sensitive skin.

LeMudd Clay Masque

This eco-friendly company is owned by Evelyn Redcross, who is passionate about the benefits of natural plant-based ingredients, believing that the closer to nature, the closer to discovering the path to good health. Redcross is a firm believer that one doesn’t have to be vegan to enjoy the benefits of natural, eco-friendly, 100% botanical and compassionate products.

Her daughter, Stephanie Redcross, shares that compassion and entrepreneurial spirit, running Vegan Mainstream, a company that markets vegan businesses, authors and bloggers.

Visit Foreue on Facebook and Twitter and please support this conscious company with such quality products!