Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

tiffThis article was written by Tiffany Janay, one of the creators of Organic Blood, a healthy lifestyle company which has recently relocated to Atlanta.

My name is Tiffany Janay, and seven years ago my husband, Malik Zakee, and I decided to quit our jobs and never go back so that we could be full-time free people.  This decision was not for the faint of heart, AT ALL.  But if you’ve ever felt like walking out of your job and never looking back then you can relate to the story I’m going to tell you.

One day we realized that working a 9-5 provided very little time to focus on what really sparked us inside like doing music, being creative, photography, dancing, being in love, and just having fun and not having to use so much energy on “surviving.”

As a result, we had to give up everything our 9-5 jobs provided, meaning our cars got repossessed, the house went through foreclosure and eviction shortly followed, and of course we lost our cable TV package and were no longer able to buy new clothes every week. We eventually had to get on food stamps, and for seven whole years we’ve had nowhere stable to live.

The good thing about not having paper money was the time we were allotted to really focus on ourselves, discover who we were and what our purpose was in this lifetime.  We assessed our goals and then began the journey to accomplishing them.

During this time we began studying about food and the body.  We thought we were healthy at the time.  Neither one of us ate pork or beef, and I thought that choosing chicken, turkey, and seafood would make me healthy.  I didn’t think much about the mass amounts of fast, processed, and microwaved foods I was eating in abundance.

We both had some serious work to do.  Malik lost 100 pounds in about a year and I lost 50 pounds! We discovered the power of nature and eating foods that grew out of the ground.  We eliminated major trigger foods from our diets and flooded our systems with fresh vegetables and fruits instead.  We felt amazing and were given the gift of a peace of mind.

From there everything became more clear.  Over time we developed our business, Organic Blood, and it’s molded and shaped over the years to be something that now sustains our lifestyle choices and also helps others. Organic Blood is a lifestyle.  We educate people on how to not only change their diet but to change their entire lifestyle, and put on events like holistic nightclubs where we feature our high vibrational foods and our Superfood Tonic Elixir Bar.  We provide space for people to dance, socialize and eat amazing food that’s good for them.

We also do Lifestyle Consultations and work personally with people on their health and wellness goals.  We work with major brands in the health food industry and create marketing campaigns for them.  At our Youtube channel we regularly put out videos that show people how to Live Life Organically.

It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m so glad that we decided to do something so scary such as taking a huge leap of faith because now I get to make a living off of my love for nature and wanting to be healthy.

Our business is still growing and while we have been based out of San Diego for the past seven years, we are now taking our show on the road and relocating to the east coast, Atlanta. We are so excited for the many possibilities that are sure to unveil itself when we settle into our new home and we hope that you all will follow our journey with us and help us grow our Organic Blood movement even further.

Follow your bliss friends, and do what is right for you.  As long as you are being truly authentic to yourself, no matter how messy and disorganized that may look to others, you will end up exactly where you were most comfortably meant to be.  If clarity is what you seek to know how to begin that path, I recommend going on a really good fast/cleanse, because this will bring inner stillness and give your internal voice a more clear path to speak to you.

Happy travels to you all!