Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
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chocolateIt feels like something is missing if I don’t have a piece of chocolate each day. Not a coffee drinker, I choose chocolate for a bit of a wake-up as well as to savor something decadent. Nowadays there are chocolate bars flavored with everything from mint to raspberry to hazelnut, so almost anyone can join the fun.

The good news is that chocolate is increasingly touted for its health benefits, and the list keeps growing!  Maybe you are wanting more physical energy and alertness, or hunting for an aphrodisiac. Or you may be looking to live longer or lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or diabetes. Other people want to improve their gastrointestinal flora. Amazingly, chocolate takes the cake on offering various perks for our well-being.

The higher quality and darker the chocolate, the greater the health benefits. So cacao products and minimally processed chocolate products are reportedly the best bet. It’s also important your chocolate doesn’t have too high a sugar content; Trader Joe’s makes some yummy sugar-free chocolate bars.

Treat yourself!