Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

"Eggs Benedict" at Vegan Sunday Brunch

My penchant for blogging has not been as strong as a few years ago when I was zipping around to more events, interviewing health and other experts by email and phone, and jazzed about writing regularly. But I want to keep motivating others to eat nutritious meals, interact with new people, and attend some of the wonderful yearlong events held in sunny San Diego. It is inspiring to see all the goings-on popping up in our lovely city. This weekend two first-time events appeared for vegheads and those interested in going in that direction. The World Beat Center held the San Diego Vegetarian Festival, full of speakers and booths with products and food for sale. My friend excitedly bought some grow-at-home oyster mushrooms, and we scored samples of protein powders, vegan lasagna, and new “nacho” chips.

This morning Sea Rocket Bistro held a Vegan Sunday Brunch by True Kitchen Creatives that packed the restaurant with herbivorous and veg-curious people sipping on coffee horchata while chowing on “eggs” benedict, fake chicken and waffles, sliders, and more. The food was delicious, and people are already hoping they do the event again, with hopefully some lower priced items. I am loving the veggie momentum in Southern California!