Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

cheeke2After growing up on a farm as a skinny boy who had to take animals to auctions be slaughtered for food, Robert Cheeke has made quite an inner and outer transformation over the last 10 years, creating a career niche as one of the most popular vegan bodybuilders globally.

This healthy 30-year-old has not only turned people around the world onto the vegan diet through his motivational speaking, producing documentary films, and The Robert Cheeke Show on YouTube, which he plans to reinvent soon,  but also posts enthusiastic updates on Facebook and  Twitter. This active man is out to inspire even more people with his new book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. Cheeke is looking for people to help spread the word about the book, with a goal of ranking in the top 100 around the world on by Earth Day, April 22.

robertcheekeCheeke’s book helps the reader to create a nutrition and fitness program, learn what supplements to take, check out vegan-friendly cities and restaurants, and even goes into how to use bodybuilding as a means of activism and outreach.

Currently weighing 181 pounds, Cheeke stays between 175-195 lbs., depending on his competition schedule. In the early day he likes to eat things like fruits, vegetables, various Vega whole foods products, protein bars, avocado rolls, potatoes, burritos and such. For dinner he may feast on brown rice with tempeh, tofu, and kale.

Besides eating well and working out, at the moment, Cheeke is touring the country nearly all year, with hopes to be in San Diego this spring or summer to promote his Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness book. Support this friendly bodybuilder as he comes to your city!