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The Blissful Chef - Christy Morgan

Christy Morgan

In almost 20 years of being vegan I have not heard much about the diet being combined with macrobiotics, so perhaps Los Angeles’ lovely Christy Morgan — aka The Blissful Chef — has created a niche for herself. With seven years of experience being vegan plus training in vegan and vegetarian cooking she received at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, Morgan helps people create a holistic approach that combines the body, spirit and mind while focusing on vegan nutrition.

In her highly informative and friendly style, Morgan outlines her 10 favorite macrobiotic websites on her blog.

Her new eCookbook, “Cooking with the Seasons – Spring Edition:  A Blissful Selection of Seasonal Recipes to Nourish You Throughout Spring” gives details on the 5 Element theory and has a beautiful chart that explains which foods and cooking methods are best for this time of year.

Morgan says that to work toward a balanced life, we need to clean our bodies by giving up “sugar, coffee, simple carbs, alcohol, animal foods and other nasty stuff for a good amount of time.”

So why not do an inner spring cleaning and substitute those toxic things with the healthy and tantalizing 19 recipes in Morgan’s eCookbook?  I cannot wait to try Soba Noodles with Basil Pecan Pesto – yum, or salsa that includes Granny Smith apples.  Not to mention a Green Spring Casserole recipe that adds in crimini mushrooms, almond milk and other ingredients that may inspire longtime vegans to find new ways to consume the leafy greens much-touted for their nutritional value. Morgan’s knowledge of vegan nutrition shines through; interested folks should definitely get a copy of this enlightening eCookbook.