Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

My friend Ron Prasad’s mission in life is simple and altruistic – to empower people, and to save animals. With his purpose in mind, he wrote a book called WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE – Simple Insights For Your Inspiration And Empowerment.

His goal in writing this book was to give people the keys to discovering the purpose of their lives, and living their purpose with passion! Using examples from his personal life, and from life and executive clients he coached to success, his experience as a personal development writer, and a professional speaker, Ron has written a step-by-step guide to invigorate your life in 11 easy-to-follow chapters. Welcome to Your Life will guide you in detail on how to attract more fulfillment into your life, experience more awareness, gratitude, and find your life’s purpose.

The second part of his mission is to make a positive difference to society.  So Ron decided to donate part of the royalties from his book to Edgar’s Mission animal sanctuary. He chose Edgar’s Mission because he was really touched by the amazing work that they do when he went to the sanctuary for the first time!

Being an animal activist, and a vegan, Ron is very passionate about spreading the message of compassion towards animals.  He uses his status as a bestselling author to do more talks on animal rights issues and is actively involved in many animal rights and vegan organizations in Australia.

Please support Ron’s mission by buying a copy of his book at the link above! For $19.95, you get the book, thousands of dollars in bonus gifts, and support an animal charity and a very friendly, supportive man as well.