Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

Ron and a Rescued Baby Goat

Ron and a Rescued Baby Goat

Ron Prasad is not only writing a book and inspiring people through his work as a life coach, but is an inspiration as an ardent activist for the animals with a healthy lifestyle.  A vegan for two years, he was a lacto-vegetarian for 14 years prior. Thanks to modern technology, I was fortunate enough to interview this friendly man who’s across the globe in Melbourne, Australia.

Paige:  What started your path to veganism?

Ron:  I was involved with the Vegetarian Network Victoria (in Melbourne) since 2008, a mostly vegan organization.  Through them, I realized the cruelty to animals’ aspect in dairy foods, and the health risks of consuming dairy!

Paige:  What activism do you do?

Ron: We are doing our best to highlight the cruelty to animals in factory farming to the general public.  I am a volunteer and supporter of Animals Australia, Animal Liberation Victoria, Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary, Coalition for the Protection of Race Horses, Coalition Against Duck Shooting, World Vegan Day, and Vegetarian Victoria (formerly known as Vegetarian Network Victoria).

Paige:  Besides diet, do you do anything like yoga, meditation, or exercise to keep a healthy lifestyle?

Ron: For me, being a vegan is more than a diet, or a lifestyle.  It is a mindset.  I do meditation each morning.  I run 5 times a week (distance running, sprinting, interval running) and train at a local boxing gym 3 nights a week.

Paige:  Tell us about the veggie restaurants in your city.

Ron: There are around 50 vegetarian/vegan restaurants/cafes in Melbourne.  I love going to Lentil as Anything, Veggie Kitchen, and the Veggie Bar.

Paige:  Are there veggie potlucks/events or meetups there or in Australia in general?

Ron: Yes, vegan social events are always happening here.  World Vegan Day, held in Melbourne during October or November, is the largest vegan event in the Southern Hemisphere, with around 4,000 people attending.

Paige:  How receptive is Australia to veganism?

Ron: Veganism is definitely growing in Australia.  A lot of non-vegan restaurants have started marking some menu items with a ‘V’.  The word ‘vegan’ is becoming more recognized by the general public.  Veganism certainly has a great future in Australia.