Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

nativefoodsThe first piece of exciting news in the San Diego region is that the beloved veggie heaven aka Native Foods is opening in Point Loma on April 29. I went to a delicious pre-opening event and was stuffed with tortilla soup and salad, while eyeing the amazing nachos and sandwiches others were eating.

I read that veggie-friendly Swami’s has taken over the beautiful North Park space that housed Casa de Luz. Sounds fun to fill up on pancakes, soy turkey and other items for breakfast.

Exploring nearby Tijuana is a fun way to get some culture and try new foods too. The indoor-outdoor Mercado Hidalgo has everything from a naturopathic-type store with herbs and incense to spilling-over containers of Peruvian beans unnamed(pictured) and chia seeds. There were long lines for freshly-cracked coconuts, and tables decorated with enormous jackfruits, mangos with chili powder.  And don’t miss the live concert with romantic ballads in blaring volume.