Inspiration from a Lifelong Vegetarian
– Writing and Photos

rose_lemonsWould you like to have organic meals delivered to your front door? If you live in the San Diego area, you are in luck, as personal chef and Certified Nutrition Counselor Rose McClain would love to feed you. Choose several items from a vegan menu through Rose’s Organic Kitchen, started over 10 years ago.

Rose became a vegetarian more than 30 years ago for health reasons, and vegan 19 years ago when she learned about how animals bred for meat are raised and treated.  Her daughter Teagen McClain, a San Diego activist and vegan, introduced Rose into the world of animal rights, which resulted in her going vegan. Likewise Rose’s positive influence and nutritional knowledge have rubbed off on Teagen, who worked with her mother in the past and has been actively planning veggie events recently.

Rose’s Organic Kitchen specializes in macrobiotic, gluten-free and other diets — not only meal preparation and delivery but cooking classes, personal chef services, and consulting. As a personal chef, she charges an hourly wage; for delivery services it costs about $75 for four meals.

A sample vegan menu includes Seitan Stroganoff, Eggplant Moussaka,  Creamy Carrot Soup, Polenta Slices with Garlic and Herbs, and Mixed Greens with Ume and Sesame Dressing.

Where does someone with cooking talents get inspiration? Sometimes from other people with similar passions. One of Rose’s favorite cookbooks is Fresh From a Vegetarian Kitchen by award-winning cookbook author Meredith McCarty who lectures globally on healthy eating and offers cooking classes and nutritional counseling as well. Another beloved cookbook is Vegan Vittles by Jo Stepaniak (whose Grassroots Veganism: Ask Jo feature has been a great resource for years for how to handle relationships, ethical and other situations vegetarians/vegans face).

To have healthy meals coming to your home or for more info, contact Rose at 619-283-3022.