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Postcards Cafe in Hanalei, Kauai

Postcards Cafe in Hanalei, Kauai

What is minutes from the Bali Hai mountains famous from the movie “South Pacific,” caters to people following vegan diets, and has been visited by the 911 firefighters and the Clintons? Postcards Cafe in Hanalei on the island of Kauai, Hawaii is probably the only place with such a unique claim to fame. You are seriously missing out if you have not had a chance to visit gorgeous Kauai and this raved-about restaurant.

Even if my parents, Marti and Joe Paskal, were not the owners, I would be bragging about Postcards Cafe, open nearly 14 years and serving healthy international vegan dishes as part of a meat and poultry-free menu. The food has been enjoyed by Harrison Ford, Lisa Bonet, Ben Stiller, Julia Roberts, Steve Jobs, Leonardo DiCaprio (known for his environmentalism), and other celebrities. One customer notable for those interested in health is Dean Ornish, the founder of Preventative Medicine Research Institute who scientifically proved heart disease could be reversed without drugs or surgery and was voted by LIFE magazine as one of the 50 most influential members of his generation.

Beautiful Bali Hai

Beautiful Bali Hai

My parents also love welcoming our large clan of family and friends visiting Kauai with a nurturing meal, and meeting people from around the world who share inspirational compliments and suggestions.

Vegetarian travel is made easy at Postcards Cafe, from the the taro fritters and portobello mushroom appetizers (“pupus” in Hawaii) to the enchiladas with mole sauce and many items that can be converted into vegetarian or vegan dishes. They support local organic farmers when possible – produce fluctuates with Kauai’s tropical climate.

Chat with the tourists and locals as you finish off your meal with a slice of chocolate silk vegan pie and some organic, fair-trade tea. Hit the farmer’s markets and veggie-friendly Kapaa (and the rest of Hanalei), lounge on the amazing beaches all over the island, and hike in Waimea Canyon. You will quickly realize that Kauai truly is paradise.

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7 Responses to “Vegetarian Travel in Tropical Paradise – Postcards Cafe”

  1. 6512 and growing Says:

    Wish I could have ate at the famous Postcards while in Kauai instead of the saltwater-soaked and sand-dipped fruit leather my kids shared with me.

  2. Paige Newman Says:

    Well at least you got to go amazing Kauai, Rachel!

  3. Marti Says:

    Postcards Cafe on my daughter’s website! I love it.
    A few more vegan options: Warm corn cakes with relish. Pineapple coconut sorbet, served with fruit. Many of our winter soups (it’s never really winter in Hawaii, but the soups are great!). Warm chunky bread with hummus, both homemade. And the option to choose oil instead of butter for most pasta and rice dishes.
    Mahalo Ms ‘Turn the Paige’!

  4. Lena Says:

    hi paige! its me Lena! i love the website!i also like Turn the Paige!Go Paige!

  5. Children Raised on Veggie Food Thriving | Turn the Paige | How to Deal With Fussy Eaters Says:

    […] Vegetarian Travel in Tropical Paradise – Postcards Cafe […]

  6. cp brakewell Says:

    Interesting. Thankyou for that, however I also want to thank for something else. I suffer from color blindness (tritanopia to be exact). I mainly use Chrome browser (no idea if that is important), and a good many sites are hard to understand due to a poor choice of colours employed ithe design. On this site, as the choice of colours is reasonable, the design is amazingly clear and simple to comprehend. I am not sure whether it was a calculated and mindful undertaking, or simply a lucky break, but nevertheless, I thank you.

  7. Paige Newman Says:

    Thanks so much, I did put some thought into the colors and design! Glad it works for you.

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