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VeggieDate Couple

VeggieDate Couple- Photo by The Star-Ledger

Steve Urow has been running VeggieDate since 1999 when he started the vegetarian dating website to make it easier for people who believe in the “vegetarian lifestyle” to meet. Vegetarians are very geographically spread out and hard to meet, and it is difficult to find support and encouragement in this meat-eating world, he says.

VeggieDate differs from other online dating/networking sites because they focus on the significant lifestyle choice of vegetarianism. In most cases vegetarianism or veganism are not just diets but lifestyles with an emphasis of concern for human health, animal welfare and the environment.

While it is mostly a dating site, VeggieDate does have a selection for “seeking friends / activity partner,” and allow people to post business or other contact information in their ad for a one-time fee. The site accommodates LGBT people with categories for Lesbian, Gay and Bi.

Dating websites allow an initial low involvement and cost for meeting people. Online dating is more socially acceptable today, and you can do it from your own home.

“But until you meet you do not know for sure. It is sad when two folks can have great correspondence but when they meet the energy or connection is just not there. But in these times I believe we have to make a big effort,” explained Urow, who did not meet his wife through VeggieDate.

Urow, who calls himself “nearly vegan,” said that while spam and scammers taking out ads are a nuisance, the best part of his work is bringing people together who share a compassionate lifestyle and promoting vegetarianism in general.

If you are looking for love or to socialize with people who share your values, VeggieDate and other vegetarian dating websites are just a click away.

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