Author of Vegetarian Cookbooks Inspires at L.A. Event

From left: Sarah Kramer, Stephanie Redcross, me, and Carolyn Scott

From left: Kramer, Redcross, me, and Scott

Vegan and vegetarian cookbooks are all the rage now, but How it all Vegan, with 1/4 million copies sold, is one of the originals known for making vegan cuisine accessible and easy for newcomers. The book’s 10th anniversary was celebrated at a benefit held by Compassion Over Killing and Positive Television. Sarah Kramer, who co-wrote the cookbook with Tanya Barnard, was honored at the event held at 2HeadedHorse Production/Art Studio in Los Angeles, which has recently been hosting numerous vegan events.

Kramer’s sassy, down-to-earth personality shined as she autographed books and 2010 GO VEGAN wall calendars full of fun photographs. Many dedicated folks making their mark in the vegan world attended, including Shaun Monson who made the film Earthlings, Stephanie Redcross who markets vegan and vegetarian businesses via Vegan Mainstream, Carolyn Scott of Healthy Voyager,  and others.

After writing four vegetarian cookbooks, Kramer told the group she will pursue different projects. With mixed feelings, she discussed with the audience that which can’t be ignored — veganism is suddenly becoming a fad, and vegan and vegetarian cookbooks are everywhere, including the top 100 list on Kramer is concerned the conversation is more about getting skinny than about helping the animals.

“Ellen’s talking about it and Oprah’s talking about it (veganism) – it’s freaking me out,” she said.

Still, the attendees enjoyed the company and inspiration of Kramer and others sharing the same passion, and dined on delicious vegan cuisine – some of it raw – provided by Veggie Grill, Happy Veggie, Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant, The Spot, and SunPower Natural Cafe.

Kramer Jokes with the Audience

Kramer Jokes with the Audience

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  2. Kevin Says:

    Great roundup. We had a fantastic time and it was great finally meeting Sarah in person after using her recipes for 10+ years. 🙂

  3. Paige Newman Says:

    Thanks everyone! Definitely a great event! Also, Sarah blogged on the event here:

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