Vegan Desserts and Bakeries Blossoming

Babycakes NYC Delights

Babycakes NYC Delights

Gone are the days of Ener-G Egg Replacer being the main ingredient that comes to mind for baking vegan desserts. Nowadays we have not only many possible egg and dairy substitutes for baking at home, but stores and bakeries selling vegan desserts across the U.S.

On the East Coast, Sticky Fingers Bakery in Washington DC is known to be delectable, preparing cakes, breads, muffins – all the things you would expect from a bakery, but with originals like mojito or white Russian cupcakes. I was lucky enough to have a blissful time at Babycakes NYC. Maybe it was the great Lower East Side location, or the charm of a tiny bakery filled with amazing aromas. They cater to people with food allergies, so besides not using dairy or eggs, they don’t use soy, and have many gluten-free items. Their latest craze is vegan doughnuts.

Also in NYC, a newer bakery specializing in cupcakes that can be ordered online is Sweet Cheeks Vegan Bakery. Mint chocolate cookie crumble cupcakes, anyone?

Allison’s Gourmet is another online company that has been raved about for years, on the opposite side of the country — in California. I will never forget the birthday my mother treated me to a lovely box of high-quality and chocolatey cookies and brownies which came in the mail from Allison’s.

Also on the West Coast, Stephanie’s Organic Bakery in San Diego not only has delicious vegan cakes, pies, and more, but is also famous for their strudels (spinach herb is a favorite), vegan pizza and sandwiches.

Good news for Californians:  Babycakes is opening a location in Los Angeles. Numerous other places offer vegan desserts, so be sure to investigate before your next vegetarian travel experience. Also, you may be surprised at the sweet things you can find in your own city.

Passionfruit Vanilla Cake from Stephanie's Organic Bakery

Passionfruit Vanilla Cake from Stephanie's Organic Bakery

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5 Responses to “Vegan Desserts and Bakeries Blossoming”

  1. shelagh shirley Says:

    We were in New York a month ago and tried Sweet Cheeks’ cupcakes. Coming from South Africa where vegan desserts are still relatively new, we were charmed by the delicate flavor of the chocolate, mint and strawberry varieties. Truly compassionate.

  2. Paige Newman Says:

    Thanks! I would love to try some of their cupcakes too.

  3. BabyCakes NYC Says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by the bakery! We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit!

    BabyCakes NYC

  4. Toni Says:

    Stephanie’s bakery made our wedding cake in 2006! It was delicious! The best vegan bakery in San Diego!

  5. Paige Newman Says:

    Just learned about a place in Seattle:

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